June 15, 2023

Virtual Presentations

  • Submission of videos is optional for participants who will attend IWANN 2023 face-to-face
  • Video presentations can be uploaded to the EasyChair platform
  • See a brief tutorial on video uploading
Paper # Authors Title Video
309 Luis Zhinin-Vera, Jonathan Zhiminaicela-Cabrera, Elena Pretel, Pamela Suarez, Oscar Chang and Francesc Antón Castro Artificial Vision Technique to Detect and Classify Cocoa Beans
353 Khaled Abdelaal and Richard Veras Observe Locally, Classify Globally: Using GNNs to Identify Sparse Matrix Structure
689 Olga Vais and Ilya Makarov Efficient Blind Image Super-Resolution
745 Miguel Esteve Brotons, Jorge Carmona Blanco, Francisco Javier Lucendo and Jose Garcia-Rodriguez Shot Boundary Detection with Augmented Annotations
962 Nahuel Emiliano García D’Urso, Jorge Azorín-López, Andres Fuster-Guillo and Pablo Ramon Guevara 3D Human Body Models: Parametric and Generative Methods Review
1016 Evgeniia Ondar and Ilya Makarov Chemistry-wise augmentations for molecule graph self-supervised representation learning
1032 Mohamad Al Sayed, Adrian M.P. Brasoveanu, Lyndon J.B. Nixxon and Arno Scharl Unsupervised Topic Modeling with BERTopic for Coarse and Fine-Grained News Classification
1585 Carlos M. Travieso-González and Alejandro Piñan Deep learning for the analysis of solar radiation prediction with different time horizons and data acquisition frequencies
1977 David Rohrschneider, Nermeen Abou Baker and Uwe Handmann Double Transfer Learning to detect Lithium-Ion batteries on X-Ray images
2199 Rahmat Izwan Heroza, John Q. Gan and Haider Raza SIA-SMOTE: A SMOTE-based Oversampling Method with Better Interpolation on High Dimensional Data by Using a Siamese Network
2477 Hichem Debbi CauSim: A Causal Learning Framework for Fine-grained Image Similarity
2706 Aleksei Pokoev and Ilya Makarov Fast Image Super-Resolution
2883 Brandon Warner, Edward Ratner and Amaury Lendasse X-ELM: A Fast Explainability Approach for Extreme Learning Machines
3105 Naohiro Ishii, Kazunori Iwata, Yuji Iwahori and Tokuro Matsuo Comparison of Fourier Bases and Asymmetric Network Bases in the Bio-inspired Networks
3461 Stanislaw Osowski and Michal Parzyszek Deep learning recommendation system for stock market investments
4415 David de la Rosa, Francisco Charte, María J. del Jesus, Antón Álvarez, Ramón Pérez, Germán Garrote and Antonio J. Rivera NOSpcimen: A first approach to unsupervised discarding of empty photo trap images
4836 Nameer Baht and Enrique Domínguez Deep Learning Algorithms For Diagnosis of Coffee Plants Disease
5027 Gonzalo Surribas-Sayago, Jose David Fernandez-Rodriguez and Enrique Dominguez Photovoltaic energy prediction using machine learning techniques
5171 Tatiana Kolmakova and Ilya Makarov Efficient Transformer for Video Summarization
5370 Iván García Aguilar, Lipika Deka, Rafael Marcos Luque Baena, Enrique Domínguez Merino and Ezequiel López Rubio Minimal Optimal Region Generation for Enhanced Object Detection in Aerial Images using Super-Resolution and Convolutional Neural Networks
5535 Thiago Henrique Fonseca, Silvia Nassar, Alexandre César de Oliveira and Bruno Agard Low-dimensional Space Modeling-based Differential Evolution: A scalability perspective on bbob-largescale suite
5627 Mikhail Mozikov, Ivan Lukyanenko, Yury Maximov, Ilya Makarov and Alexander Bulkin Long-Term Hail Risk Assessment with Deep Neural Networks
5921 Miguel Esteve Brotons, Jorge Carmona Blanco, Francisco Javier Lucendo and Jose Garcia-Rodriguez Video Scene Segmentation based on Triple Loss Ranking
6779 Zhenhua Wu, Liangyu Chen and Yuantao Song A model for classifying emergency events based on social media multimodal data
7054 Weipeng Wang, Ziqiang Hu, Xiaobing Li, Yun Tie and Qi Lin CPMC: A multi-level controllable music generation model with fine-grained control
7177 Dmitrij Teterja, Jorge Azorin-Lopez, Jose Garcia-Rodriguez, Esther Sebastian-Gonzalez, Srdjan Krco, Dejan Drajic and Dejan Vukobratovic A Performance Evaluation of Lightweight Deep Learning Approaches for Bird Recognition
7372 Stanislaw Osowski, Bartosz Swiderski, Jaroslaw Kurek and Cezary Chudobinski Random ensemble of extended CNN structures for medical image recognition
7860 Francisco López de la Rosa, José Luis Gómez-Sirvent, Lidia María Belmonte Moreno, Rafael Morales Herrera and Antonio Fernández-Caballero Fine-Tuned SqueezeNet Lightweight Model for Classifying Surface Defects in Hot-Rolled Steel
8027 David Díaz Jiménez, José Luis López Ruiz, Alicia Montoro Lendínez, Jesús González Lama and Macarena Espinilla Estévez Advanced architecture of a home-based patient monitoring system for diabetes. Initial experiences in a real environment.
8069 Manuel P. Cuéllar, María del Carmen Pegalajar, Luis Gonzaga Baca Ruiz and Carlos Cano-Gutierrez Time Series forecasting with Quantum Neural Networks
8169 Artem Oborevich and Ilya Makarov Iterative Graph Embedding and Clustering
8315 Carlos M. Travieso-González and Alejandro Piñan Analysis of the effect of the time interval between samples on the solar forecasting
9342 Luis Manuel Pereira, Addisson Salazar and Luis Vergara On Comparing Early and Late Fusion Methods
9676 Yan Zhou, Zhennan Du and Dongli Wang Pedestrian Multi-Object Tracking Algorithm Based on Attention Feature Fusion