January 10, 2023

EU Projects World Café

European Projects Working Groups Creation

IWANN23 offers the possibility to meet, discuss and create new ideas around the research areas of the congress with an additional incentive of the creation of platforms acting as a driving force for strategic contributions to the European Research Area.

The main goal is to build one or more working groups with the IWANN23 members around an specific field with the final objective to create seed consortia for the development of EU proposals.

The possible partners to EU projects (Horizon Europe) are not only European countries, there are associated countries and non-associated countries with funding eligibility. See the complete list in the following link.

The workflow will be developed through a World Café conversation during the congress. See the technique in The World Cafe.

As an introduction to the European Projects Working Groups Creation café, a presentation with the main features of the recent calls and strategies to write a successful proposal will be presented. The results of the dynamics will be presented at the end of the Conference.

In order to participate in the European Projects Working Groups Creation, it will be convenient to write an “Expression of Interest (EoI)” which offers to potential applicants to any EU Artificial Intelligence related calls the opportunity to express interest in an area of research with connections to open o future calls.

The format of the EoI should be as follows:

  1. Name and affiliation of the responsible
  2. Half a page with the main interest, either
    • abstract of a possible proposal, and/or
    • skills provided
  3. List of possible calls to apply

Please, send your EoI to the IWANN mail address.