IWANN 2021
JUNE 16-18, 2021

IWANN 2021

Madeira, Portugal. June 16-18, 2021

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February 11th, 2021Call for Special Sessions
February 11th, 2021Open Submission
January 16th, 2021Early Career Researcher award
January 15th, 2021PeerJ Journals Conference Collection with IWANN 2021
December 1st, 2020First Call For Papers
September 9th, 2020Launch of the PLOS Collection IWANN 2019


Jeanna Matthews

Early Career Researcher IWANN 2021 award by PeerJ Publishing

As a part of a successful collaboration between IWANN 2021 and PeerJ Publishing, an award will be offered to the best paper authored, accepted, and presented at the Conference by an early career researcher (PhD student or up to 4 years postdoc). The winner will be invited to submit a substantial extension of their paper to the PeerJ Conference Collection (see below). If accepted, the paper will be published with Article Processing Charges waived. PeerJ Publishing also features award winners on their blog site and interviews them regarding their research.

PeerJ Conference Collection with IWANN 2021

We are glad to announce the agreement with PeerJ Publishing for the launch of a Conference Collection with papers submitted to one of PeerJ Journals, such as PeerJ Life & Environment (JCR Impact Factor=2.379, Q2) and PeerJ Computer Science (JCR Impact Factor=3.091, Q1). Outstanding papers accepted and presented at IWANN 2021 will be selected and invited to submit a substantially extended version to a PeerJ journal. The paper will be subject to the usual reviewing process by the journal, in particular assessing whether the paper contains sufficient novel contributions to be considered as a new paper different from the one in the conference. Upon acceptance, paper publication will require Article Processing Charges, since PeerJ is a Gold Open Access publisher. 

First Call For Papers

It is our great pleasure to announce you the 16th International Work-Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, which will take place in Madeira (Portugal) in June, 16th-18th, 2021.

The specific circumstances we are living now and in the near future require us to be very cautious in making decisions especially in organizing events involving numerous people.

Under these uncertain circumstances, the safety, security, respect, and well-being of our participants in the next edition of IWANN 2021 will be on top of the agenda. The conference will be adapted to fulfil the regulations imposed by the competent authorities. We will try to maintain the spirit of work and collaboration that has always distinguished the past editions of IWANN.

First of all, we have chosen as location one of the places in the world with less incidence of the COVID-19, the island of Madeira (Portugal). The venue of the congress will be in the Hotel Vida Mar with many open spaces and large meeting rooms.

Secondly, changes have been introduced in the timing of the congress to facilitate maximum participation, such as the possibility of reviewing the content of the papers presented a few days after the congress to incorporate improvements arising from the presentation discussions.

Finally, for those researchers who cannot travel, virtual sessions with direct connection will be programmed to facilitate the debate.

We hope that the changes introduced will be well received and that we will be able to collaborate closely to make this 2021 edition a success.

Andreu CatalĂ , Gonzalo Joya, Ignacio Rojas
Co-Chairmen IWANN 2021