May 18, 2017

Virtual presentations

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A Novel framework for Fine Grained Action Recognition in Soccer

Ganesh Yaparla, Sri Teja Allaparthi, Sai Krishna Munnangi and
Garimella Rama Murthy


A Serious Game to build a Database for ErrP Signal Recognition

Adam Pinto, Guilherme Nardari, Marco Mijam, Edgard Morya and
Roseli Romero


Security Testing for Multi-Agent Systems

Damas Gruska and M.Carmen Ruiz


DeepTrace: A Generic Framework for Time Series Forecasting

Nithish Moudhgalya, Siddharth Divi, Adithya Ganesan, Sharan Sundar
Sankaran and Vineeth Vijayaraghavan


OnMLM: An Online Formulation for The Minimal Learning Machine

Alan Matias, Cesar Mattos, Tommi Kärkkäinen, Joao Gomes and
Ajalmar Rocha Neto


Searching the shortest pair of edge-disjoint paths in a Communication Network. A Fuzzy approach

Lissette Valdés Valdés, Sira María Allende Alonso, Alfonso Ariza Quintana and Gonzalo Joya Caparrós


AL4LA: Active Learning for Text Labeling Based on Paragraph Vectors

Damian Nimo-Jarquez, Elisa Guerrero and Rivas-Sanchez Mario


Artificial neural networks for bottled water demand forecasting: a small
business case study

Israel D. Herrera-Granda, Joselyn A. Chicaiza-Ipiales, Erick P.
Herrera-Granda, Leandro L. Lorente-Leyva, Jorge A. Caraguay-Procel,
Iván D. García-Santillan and Diego H. Peluffo-Ordóñez


Image classification and retrieval with random depthwise signed
convolutional neural networks

Yunzhe Xue and Usman Roshan